Role: Writer / Editor / Colorist / Sound Designer
Client: Airbnb

A Night at Fenway Park
Fenway has been home to baseball greats, countless Hall of Famers, and generations of families and fans. This old brick building defines a city, provides hope and community to millions, and has witnessed some of the most memorable, definitive moments in baseball history.

Through all of its storied past, though, only two fans can say they’ve ever slept a Night At Fenway Park. For Kim and Tony Ramsay, they’ll always have a special connection to this great ballpark and stories to share of the one time they had Fenway Park all to themselves.

As a native Bostonian, who grew up living and breathing Red Sox Nation, this project was deeply personal.

Producer: Allison Gay
Director of Photography: Mike Sullivan, Arris Creative

Press: CBS Boston