Role: Co-Editor
Company: MasterClass

Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting
Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin wrote the first draft of a A Few Good Men on paper napkins. Those napkins eventually became the iconic film starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. In this 6+ hour MasterClass, Aaron Sorkin shares everything he’s learned over his 30+ year career. A masterful composer of dialogue, with credits including The West Wing, The Social Network, and The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin teaches everything from tackling writer's block to Aristotle's rules of story.

I co-edited all of the group workshop chapters, and a variety of exclusive clips and trailer edits for press and marketing.

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Executive Producers: Aaron Rasmussen & David Rogier
Director: Aaron Rasmussen
VP of Production: Nekisa Cooper
Director of Photography: Ava Berkofsky
Creative Producer: Ankush Jindal
Art Director / Colorist: Emily Caldwell

Trailer Edit: Andy Fink

Press: Vanity Fair / Variety / Playbill / No Film School / IndieWire